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Carol and Kim

Happy Mother's Day!

Sometimes people wonder how it all began, working with my mom. Well, it was God’s plan for us...without a doubt. And, truly a gift and a sacrifice that my mother gave me (and Gild the Lily). For when I started the business at 27, I was joyously working all the hours we were open and cleaning the bathrooms, too. My mom would come and help me (for free). 

So, when she remarried, and I still couldn’t pay even her...I instead wrote in her card at her wedding, “Your gift is half the business”. When she read it, she roared, “Kimberly, I am not sure if this is a gift or a cross to bear!” She said she would give me 10 years of her life. She is now in her 15th year and God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams with all of the daily joys of our customers and what this business has become to us. Thank you for blessing this business: for helping the doors open and close each day, bringing with you your joys to share, for allowing us to grow, and for allowing us to employ others who want to share in it with us. You furnish your homes and fill your closets with what we treasure and it means the world to us. Wishing you the happiest of days today. Happy Mother’s Day!