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Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Ready to step into the captivating world of Kate Spade at Gild The Lily? Get ready to embrace the perfect blend of playful charm and sophisticated elegance. Founded by the visionary Kate Spade herself back in 1993, this beloved brand has become an adored icon in the fashion industry. It's all thanks to their vibrant colors, whimsical patterns, and timeless silhouettes that people just can't get enough of.

Here's the cool part, Kate Spade is not only famous for their amazing designs, but they've also teamed up with some big names for remarkable collaborations. Picture this: collaborations with stars like Florence Broadhurst, Disney, and Keds, resulting in unique and captivating creations that truly showcase Kate Spade's charm in different styles and products. It's a whole world of delightful creations born from these collaborations, where playful charm and timeless elegance come together in the most magical way.

Are you ready to elevate your style game? Come on over to Gild The Lily and explore the enchanting world of Kate Spade!


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