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In-Take Team APPLY NOW

Full time

In this position you will be the Consignor liaison and in charge of procuring (welcoming) the most fabulous clothing, handbags and accessories for our store.

Fashion or Retail experience is preferred but not mandatory however a good understanding of brands, designers and trends is needed. You will be selecting the best of the best of what our Consignors bring in, so our shoppers have on-trend, current, clean fashions and accessories to purchase.

This is a fun and fast paced position as you will be looking through hundreds of items daily and selecting those items that you feel have the highest re-sale-ability.

Do you have excellent people skills?

Are you able to multi-task?

Are you able to cheerfully and tactfully explain why some items may not be a good fit for our store at this time?

Are you enthusiastic?

Do you love fashion, accessories and handbags?

We welcome you to fill out the application and apply for this position today. Gild The Lily is a wonderful, fun, caring place to work. We are like family and we are looking for new family members.



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